ECC Diocesan Clergy

Here is a list of the ECC clergy of the Pacific Northwest Diocese

  • Rev. Terese Fandel
  • Deacon Chuck Finan
  • Deacon Connie Hanser
  • Rev. Linda Kobe-Smith
  • Fr. Mir Plemmons
  • Deacon John Tanner
  • Rev. Rose Mary Volbrecht
  • Rev. Zilvinas Jakstas
  • Fr. David Gerardot, OFR retired
  • Rev. Liz Miller, retired
  • Rev. Dr. Jack Miller, retired
  • James Anderson Murphy, priest, retired
  • Rev. Jerry Vecchione, retired

Our retired priests continue to be available for ministry as needed. Contact Bishop Kedda Keough if you have questions about any clergy claiming to be ECC clergy.